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Liability and reasonableness: Important for slip-and-fall claims

Imagine shopping in your favorite retail store in Randolph. You have everything you need, so you start to make your way to the check. As you walk down the main aisle, you hit a wet spot and slip. You land hard and break your wrist. In addition, you felt something pop in your back. Now, you are facing some expensive medical bills and you will have to miss work, resulting in lost wages.

4 tips to help you talk to your kids about shared custody

Divorce can be especially hard on children. In many cases, they may think that it is their fault that their parents are splitting up. Also, the constant shuffle back and forth between one parent's home and another can be extremely stressful. While coming to the decision to divorce is never easy, you may view the task of talking to your kids about shared custody to be even more difficult.