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Finances require attention when going through divorce

Getting a divorce in New Jersey is an overwhelming enough process without having to worry about how it may affect one's credit. The reality is that the divorce process can negatively impact a person's credit score. This can make it challenging to get a line of credit, secure an apartment rental or qualify for a new mortgage.

Divorce petition must be answered early on

Following the filing of a marital dissolution petition with the court in New Jersey, the spouse seeking the divorce -- who is known as the petitioner -- ensures that this petition is legally delivered, or served, on the other party. Then, the spouse who is being served has to respond to this divorce petition during a certain time period. This other spouse is legally known as the respondent.

Rushing through divorce can have negative financial impact

Wanting to rush through the process of dissolving a marriage is normal, as the experience can be both emotionally and financially draining. However, rushing can have an adverse financial impact in the long run. A few tips may help those in the state of New Jersey to navigate the divorce process as prudently as possible.

Divorce involving high-value assets can be acrimonious

No matter how much or little money a couple has in the state of New Jersey, getting divorced can be financially challenging. After all, both parties may simply struggle to see eye to eye on how to split the assets they share. However, having more in the coffers can certainly make things a little more difficult during a divorce proceeding.

Divorce can be a confusing process at the start

Putting an end to a marriage in the state of New Jersey can be a frustrating experience, not only for the spouses but also for their children. Not knowing where to start at the outset of the divorce process can especially be intimidating. A few tips may help with ensuring that some important steps are taken early on.

Postnuptial agreements valuable during divorce

Prenuptial agreements are a widely discussed topic among those who are planning to get married in New Jersey and elsewhere, but not many have heard about postnuptial agreements. While prenups occur before marriage certificates are signed, postnups occur after these certificates have been signed. However, they both serve the purpose of protecting a married person's assets in the event of divorce.

Garner, Affleck file for divorce

Two celebrities in an out-of-state case have decided to split up permanently after being separated for nearly two years already. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, who officially separated back in June of 2015, recently filed their divorce documents together. When the decision to get divorced is made, several factors have to be taken into consideration in the state of New Jersey.

Divorce process has several helpful uses

People who are thinking about getting divorced usually know what they can expect from the process based on what they have seen in movies and on television. However, watching someone else's divorce unfold is very different from watching one's own take place. Having an understanding of what can be accomplished through divorce may help to make it an emotionally easier process to go through in New Jersey.

Protecting finances paramount during divorce

According to recent research, the months of March and August appear to be the most popular months for getting divorced. However, no matter when divorce papers are filed in New Jersey, it can be distressing both emotionally and financially. A couple of tips may help with addressing the financial aspect of this type of family law proceeding.

Inventorying assets important during divorce

Recent research shows that filings for dissolving marriages appear to peak during the months of March and August. However, no matter the time of year, filing for a divorce can be both emotionally and financially overwhelming. A few tips may help with protecting one's best interests during this type of legal proceeding in the state of New Jersey.

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