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Representatives ask for improved focus on safety of children

Living with an abusive partner is among the most challenging experiences that many New Jersey residents will ever face. For those who have children, the situation is even more stressful. Many parents stay with an abusive partner out of fear of what might happen to their kids if they left. According to some statistics, that fear for the safety of children is well-founded.

Domestic violence victims face uphill battle in custody fights

Few things are more distressing than being subjected to acts of violence at the hands of a spouse or partner. However, those victims of domestic violence in New Jersey who also share a child with their abuser are facing an even greater challenge. Moving through a child custody case with an abusive partner can be a nightmare. It is critical that the victim is able to present his or her case clearly and without excessive displays of emotion.

Annual New Jersey domestic violence claims number over 65,000

Violence at the hands of a loved one can be an understandably terrifying experience. Many domestic violence victims in New Jersey experience many different emotions regarding the matter, ranging from shame that the violence occurred to guilt from potentially putting a spouse or significant other into trouble with the law. Still, whether suffering from emotional or physical abuse, victims have options to help address this issue when they are ready.

New Jersey acts to help victims of domestic violence

For victims, addressing violence from a loved one can be an understandably emotional task. Domestic violence can take many forms outside of the typically acknowledged physical violence, and can include emotional abuse, stalking and even the threat of violence. The New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence -- the NJCEDV -- acknowledges that while there is not a universal solution for putting a stop to domestic violence, there are different approaches that might be appropriate for some.

Attorneys can help those involved in domestic violence cases

Unfortunately, some people in New Jersey live in fear because of domestic violence. Those who have been abused or whose lives have been threatened are not alone, however. With the help of a lawyer, they can seek restraining orders to protect themselves from domestic violence. Likewise, those who have been accused of domestic violence can seek to defend themselves against these accusations.

Restraining orders and domestic violence allegations

The NFL has been under scrutiny over the past year due to the inordinate number of players being accused of domestic violence. The good thing to take away from that scandal is that it has brought the issue of domestic violence into the light. If one abused person in New Jersey is able to find the strength to leave a bad situation, then perhaps the overwhelming amount of media coverage surrounding the accused players has been worth it.

Football player falsely accused of domestic violence

Domestic abuse is a serious issue that often takes New Jersey victims a long period of time -- and a lot of courage -- to escape. It has taken years for allegations of domestic violence to be taken seriously, and it damages victims' cases every time someone makes false accusations of domestic violence. Fortunately, many jurisdictions are also taking false accusations seriously as well, and this is evidenced by the fact that an out-of-state woman who accused a former football player of abuse was recently arrested for making a false report.

Domestic violence and restraining orders

Whether you are a person being abused by your spouse or an individual accused of  abusive behavior, the issue of domestic violence is a sensitive one. When an accusation of domestic violence is raised, a restraining order may be issued. These documents are designed to prevent certain actions on the part of the alleged abuser, along with other relief allowed under New Jersey law.

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch suspended for domestic violence

In the last year, numerous sports figures -- particularly NFL players -- made headlines for allegedly committing acts of violence against their domestic partners. Public outcry across the country and here in New Jersey has put a spotlight on how sports organizations handle players who are accused of domestic violence. Recently, NASCAR driver Kurt Busch was indefinitely suspended from driving after an incident involving himself and an ex-girlfriend that occurred in the fall of 2014.