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Actor agrees to pay $22,440 a month in child support

As evidenced by the details shared of celebrity couple divorce agreements, there are many things to factor when ending a marriage. Although some New Jersey couples will not have as large of child support and spousal support agreements to sort out, their agreements are as equally important. Kevin McKidd and his now-former wife have recently finalized their divorce and reached child support agreements.

Jeremy Meeks' wife seeks unspecified child support and alimony

Most people in New Jersey enter into a marriage with the hope and promise of a life-long future and partnership with another person. Sadly, many marriages do not survive a lifetime. One celebrity in another state has begun the battle to separate, and court hearings will be scheduled to determine child support and alimony.

Should college tuition be included in child support discussions?

As a New Jersey family prepares for divorce, a number of financial matters will need to be taken into consideration. That includes current expenses as well as anticipated costs. For many parents, earning a college degree is a goal that both parties share for their children. Financing a college education is often a top priority, though one that is easily overlooked during divorce negotiations. It is important to address these expenses during child support and property division discussions.

Could a parenting coordinator help child support negotiations

New Jersey parents who are preparing to divorce have a number of issues to take into consideration. Child custody and child support rank at the top of that list for spouses who share one or more children. Reaching an agreement on these matters can be difficult, especially when the parties are unable to see eye-to-eye on the cost of raising children, and the need for adequate levels of support.

What to do if you need to adjust your child support payments

Divorce can be frustrating and emotionally exhausting. If you're like many people, one of the hardest parts of going through a divorce is no longer getting to spend every day with your beloved children. Suddenly, you can only see them on alternating weekends and holidays, with an afternoon thrown in here and there during the week.

A phone app could make child support easier to manage

When parents divorce, they remain linked through their shared children. Their relationship will have changed, but the need to communicate and work together to provide for the needs of their children will remain. Child support is the primary means of sharing the financial burden of raising a child. It is also, however, among the most contentious subjects that divorced parents face, in New Jersey and across the nation.

Did employer inspire to reduce father's monthly payments?

No one in New Jersey enjoys handing over a significant portion of their monthly income to bills and other financial obligations. That said, parents who have gone through divorce have an obligation to provide a share of the cost of supporting their child or children. Child support is most commonly paid in monthly payments, the amount of which is determined by evaluating the income of both parents. In an unusual case, one southern state is determining how to respond to a claim that an employer conspired with a parent to fraudulently reduce child support obligations.

Several complex issues may affect child support award

The divorce process is naturally stressful for the parties, even more so if children are involved as well. While child custody can be a sticking point for the parents, child support can also be a contentious matter during the divorce proceeding. A family law attorney can help people to fight for their best interests when dealing with child support.

Financial steps necessary after divorce process

Ending a marriage can be painful, not just emotionally but also mentally, psychologically and physically. During the divorce process in New Jersey, a person must be prepared to make critical decisions on matters such as asset division and property distribution. However, important moves must also be made following divorce.

Stevie Wonder ordered to pay exorbitant amount in child support

During the process of divorce in New Jersey, child support is often a major sticking point for parents. One parent may be concerned about not receiving an appropriate amount in child support for the child, while the other parent may be worried about being ordered to pay an unreasonable amount. One high-profile individual in another state, singer Stevie Wonder, was recently ordered to pay a large amount in child support following his divorce.