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Divorce granted to end 70-year marriage

Many couples choose to use the vows "till death do us part," but many marriages do not survive for the rest of a couple's life. One couple in another state almost managed to remain married until death, but a judge recently granted their divorce. New Jersey couples who are considering a divorce may be interested to understand the reasons behind the couple's end of their 70-year marriage.

Where to live following a divorce is just one decision to be made

Every marriage is unique and every couple has a different set of circumstances to consider when a marriage appears to be at its end. Due to the emotional turmoil many New Jersey individuals feel prior to and during a divorce, many cannot understand all the decisions that must be made during the process. One decision that is sometimes overlooked is considering where each spouse will live following the divorce. 

"Flip or Flop" stars divorce

Tarek and Christina El Moussa have proved they are great business partners with more than one successful business. According to Tarek, the couple has worked together prior to their HGTV show, "Flip or Flop," and they continue to work together despite their marriage issues. New Jersey fans may be sad to learn that their marriage recently ended in divorce, but their business relationship may survive.

Housewife Shannon Beador processing divorce

Anytime a marriage ends as a result of betrayal, there is sure to be hurt, anger and pain for one or both parties. Unfortunately to end a marriage, both parties have decisions to make together regarding finances, property and the custody of any shared children. Because conversations can be unpleasant when making decisions related to a divorce, New Jersey family law attorneys can assist in all necessary proceedings. Shannon Beador is sadly going through the difficult process herself after her husband admitted to an affair.

Property division likely being discussed prior to divorce filing

Many people in New Jersey have likely become aware of the multiple scandals and accusations against Harvey Weinstein in recent months. Media sources have been closely following his wife's reaction and plans after she announced her intention to separate from the movie producer. Considering their wealth, property ownership and business, it is expected their property division may be difficult.

Keegan-Michael Key's spousal support agreement made public

Many people in New Jersey might venture to guess that two decades of marriage would mean that a couple has a chance to make it a lifetime together. Unfortunately, some couples grow apart over the years, despite the appearance of longevity. Keegan-Michael Key and his wife are one of the recent celebrity couples to go their separate ways. The couple recently officially ended their 20 years of marriage after a family law court approved their spousal support agreement. 

Divorce on the horizon for Tamar Braxton and husband

Many New Jersey residents likely watched the 2017 BET Soul Train awards that took place in Las Vegas. As viewers listened to 40-year-old Tamar Braxton perform on the show, they may not have known her heartache. She has recently filed for divorce from her husband, Vince Herbert.  

Divorce reports for Hollywood couple

Celebrity relationships and marriages often appear to be a fairytale until they end. Just like the end of any marriage in New Jersey, a celebrity's divorce can be painful, humiliating and bitter. Unfortunately for celebrities, all of their marital secrets are splashed in the media for anyone to read. Georgina Chapman has recently announced her separation and plans for divorce from her husband, Harvey Weinstein, after multiple women have accused him of sexual assault.

Breaking divorce news to your children

Your children are accustomed to living with both of their parents. They feel stable in having you both there because that is the only arrangement they've ever known. If you and your husband decide that the marriage is over, one of the most difficult first steps may be breaking the news to the kids.

Understanding how divorce will impact taxes

For most New Jersey residents who are going through the end of a marriage, their upcoming tax return is the last thing on their minds. It is important, however, to think about the impact that a divorce will have on one's tax obligation in the years to follow. That understanding can help both spouses to plan for their financial futures.