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Grey divorce and its unique challenges

Ending a marriage is generally a major event in any person's life, but it can impact some people more than others. Though most people assume that those getting a divorce are in their 20s, 30s or 40s, research shows that divorce rates are rising for people older than 50. A divorce in that age category is commonly called a "grey divorce." Experts say that there are several differences for those who have a grey divorce, some that make the entire process a bit simpler, and others that can complicate matters. Those here in New Jersey who are considering getting a divorce may find this information helpful.

How divorce can affect a credit score

Divorce is often a very tough time in a person's life. Dealing with the end of a marriage doesn't just have emotional implications -- it can also affect a person's finances. Though many people understand that a divorce generally results in a division of marital assets, they may assume that is the only way divorce influences one's financial future. Unfortunately, there is one problem that many people here in New Jersey may not know about. Divorce can negatively affect a person's credit score.

Does socioeconomic status predict divorce?

Those who have been through a divorce will probably say that there were several factors that influenced the decline of their marriage. One common reason that many couples in New Jersey cite is money. Many experts have long believed that people who are economically-disadvantaged may have a higher risk of divorce. A recent study decided to look at that theory and determine if any other factors may be involved.

Divorce doesn't have to affect productivity

In an ideal world, a person getting a divorce would have all the necessary time to devote to the process. For people with careers, this is not always an option. Many people in New Jersey worry that a divorce may interfere with their work and that sometimes actually happens. However, it is not always true and experts have several tips for people who want to maintain a high level of productivity during their divorce proceedings.

How women can take control of their finances before divorce

Divorce can happen to anyone, but it impacts some people more than others, especially with regard to finances. Many women feel the effects of divorce the hardest, since they often spend their marriages raising children and taking care of the home rather than working outside of it. They may not feel confident in handling their own finances when they consider getting a divorce. However, experts have tips for women in New Jersey and all over the country who are considering divorce that can help them navigate their new financial circumstances.

An expensive wedding may make divorce more likely

Though most couples who marry fully intend to stay that way, many will end up in divorce court. Some of them might wonder if there was any way to predict the outcome of their marriage. One recent study suggests an interesting potential correlation between how much money couples spend on their wedding and their likelihood to consider getting a divorce. New Jersey residents may find the study and all of its reporting to be an interesting look at how people manage money when it comes to their wedding.

Man has to split lottery jackpot in divorce agreement

When people in New Jersey decide to divorce, they probably understand that certain assets may be divided by the court. However, it can be tricky to determine exactly what assets are affected, depending on several factors, including when the divorce is finalized. One man found this fact out the hard way when a judge ruled that he had to split his multi-million dollar lottery winnings with his ex-wife.

Are children of divorce more likely to get a divorce themselves?

Families of all kinds experience divorce. It happens to people in New Jersey regardless of age, race or socioeconomic status. However, there are certain factors that can make it more likely that a marriage will not last. One of the things that can increase the chance of divorce is whether each spouse's parents were also divorced. Though experts have always suspected a connection between a parent's divorce and the adult child's, there is now scientific research to back this claim.

Divorce rates dropping due to millennials

Even when a divorce is right for everyone involved, it can still be a difficult event in a person's life. Perhaps that is why, according to recent research, younger people are finding ways to avoid getting divorced. Millennials are often blamed for declines in various industries, and the wedding industry may be the next casualty. Experts speculate that the dropping divorce rates among this age demographic may be due to several different factors that New Jersey families may find informative.

Should stay-at-home parents get an equal share from the divorce?

Few people would dispute the fact that raising children is an important and valuable undertaking. However, since being a homemaker generally does not generate any income, many people in New Jersey and elsewhere differ on how parenting should be valued during a divorce. There are those who argue that stay-at-home parents are entitled to a fair share of marital assets, despite the fact that they did not directly financially contribute to the relationship. Other people aren't quite so sure. One study appears to reveal that gender is a big contributor to people's opinions on this subject.

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