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Domestic violence survivors unusual ally: Hair stylists

Survivors of domestic violence here in New Jersey have numerous challenges to overcome. They often feel isolated and as though no one understands what they're going through, but abuse from a romantic partner is much more common than people realize. It is so prevalent than many people are working to find ways to identify people in need of help. One group that often sees signs of domestic violence before other people do are hair stylists. Many salons around the country are implementing training programs for their stylists to help them spot signs of abuse.

What are common signs of domestic violence?

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in New Jersey and around the country. The hope is to bring raised awareness of an issue that can often leave victims feeling isolated, encouraging them to report their abusers and give their friends and family helpful knowledge if someone they love is in an abusive relationship. Many people say that they don't know what to look for when trying to determine if a person is a victim of domestic violence. Fortunately, experts have several signals that people can watch for and ways to help.

Survivors of domestic violence need time off work

Survivors of domestic violence often feel as though they have no way out of their situation. Sometimes, even when they know they should leave their abuser, it is financially difficult for them to do so. Perhaps their abuser controls the finances, or survivors don't have their own means to generate income, or survivors feel that they can't take needed time off from work. Fortunately, the state of New Jersey has a paid leave policy to help survivors of domestic violence. That policy and others like it around the nation are inspiring other municipalities to follow suit.

Domestic violence survivors benefit from matched savings program

People in an abusive relationship often feel as though they have no way out. Not only does their partner often emotionally manipulate them in order to make them feel as though they can't leave, experts also say that abusive partners may control or abuse their victim's finances, making it difficult to walk away. New Jersey families may be interested in the story of one out-of-state coalition, working to combat financial abuse, as it helps survivors of domestic violence improve their financial situation.

2 women launch app for domestic violence survivors

Victims of domestic violence often feel isolated. The person they love the most may also be the one who hurts them physically, emotionally and mentally. They may feel as though they have no way to get away from their partner even if they strongly want to do so. Two women here in New Jersey wanted to give domestic violence survivors a simpler way to get out of an abusive relationship, so they developed an app to help victims file charges against their abusers more easily.

Advances in technology but not laws enable online stalking

In today's society, personal privacy has been diminished in the rush to embrace new technology. While many new gadgets have enhanced the ability of individuals to ensure the safety of loved ones, many of these tools have been used to engage in online stalking. Unfortunately, while technology continues to evolve, laws to protect victims from cyber-stalking have not kept pace. New Jersey residents who have been victims of stalking or other forms of unwanted behaviors may struggle with privacy issues. 

Bill pushes counseling for children affected by domestic violence

When the topic of domestic violence comes up, people often think of an abused spouse or partner. Though it's vitally important to keep those victims at the center of any discussion, there are other potential victims of this kind of abuse who may never experience actual assault. The children of victims or perpetrators of domestic violence are often traumatized by witnessing or overhearing these incidents of abuse. Two New Jersey state legislators want to ensure that these children's emotional well-being is addressed and that they receive counseling to handle the trauma.

Survivor of domestic violence now an advocate for others

Those who have experienced domestic violence often feel alone. Most victims are women who endure various forms of abuse from a romantic partner. Though it often feels as though all hope is lost, there are ways out of an abusive relationship. New Jersey residents may find inspiration from of one out-of-state woman who is sharing her survival story with the world and using her experience to advocate for other people who have endured domestic violence.

Domestic violence survivor can inspire others

Victims of domestic violence often feel as though they have no hope. The mistreatment they endure often lowers their self-esteem to a point where they have difficulty seeing a future for themselves. Fortunately, there are ways out of abusive relationships. One domestic violence survivor is sharing her story with other New Jersey residents as she pursues her college degree in the hopes that she can inspire others to take the first step to a better life.

New Special Victims Unit to help victims of domestic violence

In an ideal world, no one would ever have to suffer at the hands of someone they love and trust. Unfortunately, for many people here in New Jersey, that is exactly the hardship they face. Domestic violence can leave long lasting scars that are physical, emotional and mental. Victims of all ages often suffer in silence, unsure of how to get help. Residents in nearby Gloucester County are now one step closer to justice as a new Special Victims Unit there has been unveiled.

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