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It's National Adoption Awareness Month

New Jersey residents may have a lot to look forward to this month. The holiday season is beginning, and many people can hardly wait to spend time with friends and family. In addition to traditional festivities that return each year at this time, people should be made aware that November is also National Adoption Awareness Month. 

Family law: Father may be arrested in custody case

Sadly, children are stuck in the middle of parental disagreements and differing points of views. When parents or grandparents cannot agree on the best way to handle sharing custody of a child or children, skilled New Jersey family law attorneys are often asked to offer advice on legal intervention. Sadly, one 4-year-old little boy is caught between custody disagreements of his mother and father, and it may lead to his father's arrest.

New Jersey parents may relate to these family law issues

Whether married couples in New Jersey encounter challenges in divorce or happen to be parents who were never married, facing problems related to the upbringing and care of their children can cause stress levels to soar. Those who read celebrity news may find themselves relating to several family law issues that many Hollywood stars have recently faced in their own personal lives. The good news is that the same type of support networks available to celebrities is also available to parents in this state.  

Family law attorneys understand the complexities of a divorce

Couples who have gone through the entire process of a divorce may attest that merging lives is easier than separating lives. Not only are there multiple legal decisions to make, but it is a process often coupled with pain and heartache. New Jersey family law attorneys understand the difficulties of separating lives and are able to advise clients through the best process to make it as easy as possible. 

High asset divorce and dissipation of marital wealth

Untangling marital assets is one of the most difficult parts of ending a New Jersey marriage. For spouses preparing for a high asset divorce, the process can be even more challenging.  Spouses who share a diverse mix of assets must take precautions to ensure that dissipation of marital wealth is not an issue in their divorce case.

Breaking divorce news to your children

Your children are accustomed to living with both of their parents. They feel stable in having you both there because that is the only arrangement they've ever known. If you and your husband decide that the marriage is over, one of the most difficult first steps may be breaking the news to the kids.

Unique approach to collecting past due child support

For many New Jersey parents, struggling to provide financial support for their kids is an ongoing challenge. In households where only one parent is present, financial support from the other parent is critical to covering expenses related to raising shared children. When child support is not forthcoming, it places an enormous burden on families and on state agencies tasked with collecting unpaid child support.

How financial advisors can assist in property division

Some New Jersey spouses have the good fortune of a simple and easy divorce. For most, however, a number of factors will serve to complicate the divorce process, especially when it comes to matters of property division. Working through those issues can be far easier with the services of a financial advisor who specializes in divorce settlements.

Millennials face an entirely new set of family legal issues

Young people today have a vastly different experience of life than their parents or grandparents enjoyed. Advancements in technology have forever altered the way that we live, work and interact with one another. When young people in New Jersey prepare to marry, they have a unique set of family legal issues that need to be addressed. To that end, the prenuptial agreements that they create are very different from those used in decades past.

Don't let property division derail retirement planning

Planning for retirement is a top priority for many New Jersey residents. Setting aside money to ensure a comfortable and secure retirement is important, and is a goal that many people work toward for the majority of their adult lives. Losing a significant portion of that investment during the property division process can be devastating. The following tips can help spouses make decisions that are in line with their retirement goals.

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