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Police officer will not face charges in accident that killed boy

On Dec. 28, 2014, a police officer here in New Jersey was on his way to a call. At the same time, three boys ranging in age from nine to 12 were crossing the same street. The officer's patrol car ended up hitting and killing one of the boys. Recently, local prosecutors announced that he would not face criminal charges in connection with the accident.

Will speedway and driving school face premises liability claims?

Wall Stadium Speedway in New Jersey is where a company called Green Flag Driving Experience teaches people how to drive three-quarter midget race cars. As such, the speedway and the instruction company are responsible for the safety of the students. When an accident occurs involving someone who is not a professional race car driver, they (or their surviving family after a fatal accident) may be entitled to file a premises liability claim against the parties deemed responsible.

Owner of a motel could face premises liability suits after fire

No matter how safety-conscious a motel property owner is, accidents may still occur. Guests should feel secure in knowing that the establishment is safe. Recently, a motel on the New Jersey shoreline caught on fire shortly after 5:30 am. What happened after that could lead to premises liability suits against the motel owner.

New Jersey concussions: accident may have permanent affects

A new study has revealed that children who have suffered a concussion may take longer than most people realized to recover. The majority of the causes of concussions in children stems from a sport-related accident. New Jersey has been the first state to ensure that children are given the extra time and consideration they need when they are trying to heal from this type of injury.

New Jersey premises liability case result of excessive force?

Premises liability cases can cover a variety of different types of accidents or situations. A recent case involving a young man and the local police has made New Jersey headlines and has many asking if the situation was handled properly. What started as a routine arrest has now turned into a potential lawsuit involving issues of premises liability and even police brutality.

New Jersey child passenger accident prevention and safety tips

Although car accidents can be deadly for anyone, no one is more vulnerable than small children. Unfortunately, even the most diligent safety precautions do not always protect these young passengers from serious harm in car accidents. Recently, New Jersey Highway Traffic Safety officials promoted a special child passenger safety campaign for a week to inform parents and caretakers to use proper precaution with regard to car seat use to prevent a tragic accident.

New Jersey child injured in accident at amusement park.

There are few places that children are more excited to be taken by their families than an amusement park. They allow parents a temporary escape from reality and a chance to strengthen the bond with their children. There are dangers that exist at all public places and parents must remain as vigilant as possible. Recently, a four-year-old girl was injured in an accident on a ride at an amusement park in New Jersey.

Premises liability sports alert: A child is hurt every 25 seconds

Those kids playing touch football in someone's backyard or shooting hoops in front of a neighborhood garage may represent an impending injury. Most New Jersey parents are glad to see their kids getting involved in athletic and sports activities, as they well should be. Parents should, however, be on the lookout for situations on theirs and other homeowners' properties that can lead to injuries and potential premises liability issues.

Rising and deadly in-home accident: Kids hit by falling TVs

In what are alarming figures for families in New Jersey and across The United States, six young children have been killed by falling TVs since Jan. 2012. Between 1990 and 2011, the number of children who have died from injuries resulting from falling TVs is 215. Families should remain aware of the potentially deadly results of this growing in-home accident.

Drunk-driver accident blame shared by sober school bus driver

A New Jersey student was awarded $5 million in damages after being hit by a drunk driver, but the intoxicated driver was found to be only 25 percent responsible. A jury found that the other 75 percent of the responsibility belonged to the fully sober school bus driver who had been forcing the student to get off the bus over one quarter of a mile from her designated drop-off spot (her home). It was while the then 17-year-old high school junior was walking down the high-speed road that led to her home that she was hit and injured in the drunk-driving accident.

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