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New Jersey man dead, trucker critically injured in car accident

The investigation continues into an accident that snarled traffic on westbound Route 78 for hours recently. The New Jersey Department of Transportation was forced to close the express and local lanes while a fuel fire was put out and the on scene investigation was conducted. One person died in the truck vs. car accident and another suffered critical injuries.

Premises liability claim follows shooting incident in tavern

New Jersey owners of commercial establishments -- such as restaurants, taverns and nightclubs -- are required to appropriately protect those who are legally on their premises. They should ensure proper security inside and outside their establishment. Failure to provide safe surroundings may lead to patrons suffering personal injury that could result in the property owner facing premises liability claims.

Dump-truck driver faces charges after fatal rear-end car accident

New Jersey residents may recognize the dangers of distracted driving, and despite their own vigilance, the consequences of another driver’s distraction may impact their lives. Rear-ending car accidents are often caused by a driver failing to keep a safe following distance. If such a driver’s attention is distracted for only a moment, he or she can smash into the rear of another vehicle. A 59-year-old man recently died in a car accident that occurred in Lawrence Township.

Comedian Tracy Morgan seriously injured in an auto accident

New Jersey readers have likely already heard about celebrity Tracy Morgan being involved in a recent car accident. The comedian was seriously injured in an auto accident on the New Jersey Turnpike. The accident killed another person who was involved and injured several others.

New Jersey ambulance involved in car accident; 5 injured

In every city across New Jersey, emergency vehicles have the right-of-way. At intersections, drivers are required to pull to the right or stop to let firetrucks, police cruisers and ambulances pass safely. However, not everyone abides by these laws and could possibly cause a car accident because of it.

Driver possibly impaired in car accident that injured officer

It should be no surprise to New Jersey residents that anyone can make a poor life choice by getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking. Many times, the effects of alcohol give the person a false sense of control. Unfortunately, that control is an illusion, and drinking and driving can potentially lead to a fatal car accident.

New Jersey woman injured in bizarre car accident

New Jersey residents may anticipate having to watch for cars while they are walking through a grocery store parking lot, but not once they are about to walk in the door. However, as is often proved by stories in the news, bizarre things happen all the time. Many would agree that a recent pedestrian versus car accident at a Trader Joe's store falls into this category.

NJ ice rink could face premises liability claim after gas leak

In New Jersey, an ice rink in Hamilton had to evacuate their premises on Saturday, Oct. 26. A premises liability claim could be brought against the owners of the ice rink. Officials reported that high levels of carbon monoxide leaked into the skating rink, causing the evacuation. Firefighters were called to the ice rink at 10:30 a.m., after several children appeared to become ill.

Premises liability sports alert: A child is hurt every 25 seconds

Those kids playing touch football in someone's backyard or shooting hoops in front of a neighborhood garage may represent an impending injury. Most New Jersey parents are glad to see their kids getting involved in athletic and sports activities, as they well should be. Parents should, however, be on the lookout for situations on theirs and other homeowners' properties that can lead to injuries and potential premises liability issues.

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