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Woman seriously injured in an auto accident outside bar

At approximately 1:30 a.m. on a recent Friday, a crowd of people outside a New Jersey bar got a unwanted surprise. A woman drove into the crowd. Fortunately, no one was injured initially. However, by the time police arrived, a woman standing outside the bar suffered serious injuries in this bizarre auto accident.

New Jersey man dead, trucker critically injured in car accident

The investigation continues into an accident that snarled traffic on westbound Route 78 for hours recently. The New Jersey Department of Transportation was forced to close the express and local lanes while a fuel fire was put out and the on scene investigation was conducted. One person died in the truck vs. car accident and another suffered critical injuries.

Fatal truck vs. auto accident on New Jersey Turnpike

Some New Jersey residents know by personal experience that escaping from the wreckage of an accident is not always as easy as opening the vehicle's door. Sometimes, it is possible to wait for emergency responders and survive even with injuries. However, in an auto accident where a vehicle catches fire, if a victim is unable to get out on his or her own, it could end in tragedy.

Tragic car accident kills 2 New Jersey teens, injures another

Due to their inexperience behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, teenagers across the country are often involved in accidents. Many do not yet understand how weather conditions and other obstacles can affect driving. For instance, police here in New Jersey believe that wet roads contributed to a recent car accident that killed two teens and seriously injured a third.

New Jersey teen dies in 2-vehicle car accident

Nearly every New Jersey driver understands that weather conditions can change the way a vehicle reacts on the road. For instance, heavy rains can make the roads slick and difficult to navigate. The weather may be a factor in a car accident that killed an 18-year-old man.

Alcohol suspected in fatal car accident on New Jersey Turnpike

The driver of what was determined by authorities to be a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta was traveling south on the New Jersey Turnpike early one morning. At approximately 4:09 a.m., the Jetta careened into the back of a tractor-trailer. The car accident took the life of the passenger in the car.

Medical issue may be responsible for deadly car accident

Having a medical condition may not necessarily preclude an individual from driving, but it could potentially raise his or her risk of becoming involved in a car crash. Police in New Jersey suspect that a medical issue may have caused a recent head-on collision. It could take some time to confirm whether that was actually the cause of the deadly car accident.

Cause of New Jersey car accident unknown so far

The very nature of an accident suggests an event that could not be avoided. However, most car accidents could be avoided if drivers were more proactive instead of reactive and paid more attention to the roadway rather than allowing themselves to be distracted or fatigued behind the wheel. Many New Jersey residents might know that these are not the only reasons that a car accident can happen, and sometimes, the exact nature of a crash is not readily known.

1 dead and 1 injured in New Jersey car accident

Most drivers know that the cause of a crash is rarely ever determined by just the available evidence from the scene.  There may not be enough witness statements or physical evidence to give an accurate picture of the events to determine the cause and who may be deemed at fault.  A car accident could involve other factors that require testing or other means of determining what went wrong.

2 fatally injured in an auto accident in New Jersey

When it comes to weather conditions, New Jersey drivers are aware that it is not just snow and ice that can reduce a vehicle's ability to stay on the road.  Rainy, wet roads also pose a hazard to vehicles, especially if they are speeding.  A driver's failure to respect that a wet road can be dangerous could result in someone being injured in an auto accident.

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