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May 01, 2022

5 Common Corporate Legal Issues

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A skilled attorney is one of the biggest assets a corporation can have going forward in today’s business world. While a corporation is one of the more complex business structures, it does offer the greatest liability protection to shareholders and owners. An experienced attorney can help you navigate corporate legal issues. Corporate legal issues are a common part of running a business, but do you know what the most common legal issues a corporation can face? Read on to find 5 common corporate legal issues you might encounter. 

  1. Employment issues are one of the most common corporate legal issues. In most corporations, there are multiple employees, which means there is the potential for discrimination, harassment, wage disputes, time disputes, and wrongful termination. In all cases, each of these issues will require the assistance of an attorney. A corporate law attorney should be able to skillfully resolve these issues through arbitration or mediation in the hopes of avoiding a trial.
  2. Contract disputes are another situation that can present itself through the process of doing business. If you’ve ever heard of ‘he said she said,’ you understand the basics of contract dispute but resolving said dispute requires more than basic knowledge. In contract disputes, the original agreement will have to be interpreted to see if a failure to complete the contract has occurred on either side. To determine whether or not someone is in breach of a contract it is necessary to seek legal counsel. 
  3. Intellectual property is the signature of a business. It is what consumers come to know as your brand, whether it’s your logo, products, trademarks, copyrights or patents, your intellectual property is your company’s identity. Enforcing the ownership of your intellectual property is often part of running a corporation. In most cases, you will need an attorney to apply for intellectual property protection.
  4. Customer disputes can arise in all businesses, whether your business is B2B or direct to consumer. Sometimes these cases can be quickly resolved and smoothed over, but other times it can result in litigation. Most people have heard the stories about corporations being sued by customers for various reasons. How those corporations fared throughout those lawsuits is primarily due to the legal teams that advised the corporations in question. 
  5. Real Estate is something that most business owners may not consider a factor in a corporate legal issue but could have a significant impact in your case. Depending on your area of jurisdiction, you may be required to have a physical headquarters for your registered corporation. In fact, almost all corporate agreements require that the contract be enforced in a specific geographical location in case of a dispute. This means that inevitably real estate will in some way be a part of your business.

Once you’ve considered all these corporate legal issues, it’s time to consider your needs as a business owner. Running a business requires a skill set of its own; hiring an experienced legal team will protect your best interests so you can focus on what you do best. Do you need experienced corporate legal support? Contact the expert legal team of Heymann & Fletcher to ensure your corporate is legally protected and on the right footing!

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