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March 28, 2023

Breaking Down 10 Common Legal Terms

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Legal terms can baffle many who aren’t familiar with the law, even more so if you are dealing with your first legal case. Some legal terms that come up frequently are critical for you to understand to be successful and accomplish your legal goals.  Below are 10 common legal terms everyone should understand. 

  1. Alimony. The court ordered payments from one spouse to another in a divorce or legal separation as a form of spousal support. 
  2. Appeal. Legal action where the losing party asks the higher court to review a decision.
  3. Arbitration. When the two parties in the dispute decide they will present their case for a finding from a third party, an arbitrator, and not a judge.
  4. Civil Litigation. Any legal dispute where two or more parties seek monetary damages or a specific outcome that does not include criminal accusations.
  5. Condonation. The act of forgiving a spouse who has committed an act that is grounds for divorce.
  6. Dissolution. The legal term for an end of a marriage.
  7. Liens. Secured interest or legal right acquired in a property by a creditor.
  8. Pendente Lite. Temporary custody, child support, visitation, alimony, etc. arrangements before a final hearing. 
  9. Pro Se. Representing yourself in court without an attorney.
  10. Use and Possession. The right of one party to remain in a home for a certain period under certain circumstances.

These are in no way exhaustive, but these common law terms can assist you in feeling more comfortable around your attorneys. If you need reliable law representation, the team at Heymann & Fletcher can help you today!