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May 01, 2023

Landlord/Tenant Law Tips for First-Time Renters

Practice Area: Property | Tag: Legal Advice

close up of person signing a leasing document next to a model house

Moving out can be nerve-wracking for first-time renters. Aside from the newfound freedom, landlords can be an intimidating part of finally having your own space. So how do you make a good impression on your landlord and stay on the same page with them? This blog discusses landlord/tenant laws and tips that are sure to make your renting experience as smooth as possible.

  1. State your expectations from the beginning. Yes, you will have a lease agreement when you decide to rent a property, having a one-on-one conversation can be beneficial. Before you sign your lease, communicate what kind of support you may need from them, ask questions about how the property is run and managed, and make sure to clarify anything you may be confused about. Building a landlord/tenant relationship from the get-go can help you in the long run.
  2. Put things in writing. Having written expectations and rules benefits both parties. An essential part of making sure you are on the same page and have the same expectations is asking them for a record. This should pertain to major considerations like rent, but also smaller things like appliance repair. This may seem scary to a first-time renter because it feels as if you are being pushy but ensuring that both you and your landlord agree or can at least document differences prevents future legal battles.
  3. Know your rights. An often-overlooked aspect of moving is really reading your tenant rights. In each state, there are laws specifically related to landlord and tenant rights including what landlords must provide, how tenants should behave, and clarification of eviction policies. Simply Googling your state’s landlord/tenant rights can clear up confusion and make you feel more confident in your agreement while bringing this up and asking for a written copy of their policy can benefit you.
  4. Have regular communication. This needs to come from both parties. For landlords, it is vital they are reachable to their tenants and able to help them in a timely fashion. For renters, it’s essential to bring up concerns or problems when they arise. Feeling comfortable advocating for yourself, no matter what end you may be on, can help comfort and favorability in the long run.

These are just a few of the steps you can take to start on the right foot as a first-time renter. Our team wants to support you in building a positive and compliant landlord/tenant relationship. These laws do differ from state to state and even municipality to municipality, so be sure to take a look at your local laws. You can learn more about our Property-related specialties, and call the Heymann & Fletcher team today if you need legal clarification of tenant rights or if you have a landlord/tenant dispute today.