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May 25, 2023

Summer Custody Plans

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Summer break is an exciting time for school-aged children across the nation but can present complications for children whose parents are divorced. Between summer camps, sports, and vacations, custody plans may need to be revisited or altered. So how can you make a summer custody schedule work for everyone involved? This article can advise you on how to best negotiate custody and summer vacation plans. 

Tips for Summer Custody Plans 
First, double-check your current plan to see if there are already stipulations for summer vacation. If there are not, you should check in with your co-parent to see if they need to alter the current custody arrangements for summer based on their schedule and plans. Even if you reach out cordially, you may need an attorney to be a neutral third party in deciding how to logically split time.  
If possible, it is best to start this part of the summer custody plan change months in advance. This allows less stress and pressure while making sure the legal aspects have time to be finalized before the last day of school. Keep in mind that the change in the summer custody arrangement may or may not change the child support orders you may have even if the parenting time changes.  

Documents and Communication around Summer Custody Plans 
As you decide on summer custody changes, it is vital to put decisions in a formal document and provide proof of your needs and requests. Anything that may support your side including registrations, texts, emails, and more to prove you need a certain amount of time or lack thereof, will be crucial.  
Communication with your co-parent is key. This is especially important if you don’t have the best relationship with your co-parent and there is the potential for hostility. It’s also beneficial for those who may not have months to plan their arrangements. Providing necessary documentation regarding your child’s plans and schedule can help avoid fighting and determine the timetable and the proper custody arrangement. 

We’ve outlined just a few simple yet effective tips for getting an agreeable summer custody plan in order. If you need an attorney to serve as a neutral third party or someone to fight for your custody rights for the summer, the team at Heymann & Fletcher can represent you! Contact us today.