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October 07, 2020

Understanding Civil Law

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When you’ve been in an accident or lost a loved one suddenly, life changes in an instant. Many struggle to heal and are then faced with mounting medical fees. Civil litigation can be one way to cover costs and regain some of what was lost. Read on to learn what you need to know before considering a civil litigation suit.

What Is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation is a branch of the law that oversees personal disputes including name changes, accidents, corporate contract disputes, and more. Essentially, civil cases are between two parties and involve criminal activity. In civil cases, an individual or corporation sues another individual or corporation or the government for wrongdoing that has resulted in a loss.

Types of Civil Litigation Lawsuits

There are essentially five different types of civil lawsuits. At Heymann and Fletcher, we have experience representing clients in all areas of civil law. Our expertise is in the following civil litigation areas.

  • Torts or Injury-Based Claims
    These cases include injuries or wrongful death caused by negligence or accident. From slip and fall cases to car accidents to a workplace injury, in tort cases, we seek to gain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and more. Proving liability is critical and requires a keen legal eye to ensure success.
  • Small Claims Cases
    Small claims are cases where plaintiffs are seeking under $5000 in compensation for cases like a breach of contract, loss of property, bad checks, loss of security deposit, etc.
  • Corporate Disputes
    Running a business is difficult and can result in contract disputes with partners, vendors, etc. that require mediation or arbitration to resolve. We are experienced at conducting successful corporate disputes that result in positive outcomes for our clients.
  • Name Changes
    There are many reasons why one would change their name from marriage to divorce to adoption. But the process can be lengthy and difficult, requiring a lot of paperwork. We help facilitate name changes for our clients to ensure the process is smooth and successful. 
  • Appeals
    In most court cases, criminal or civil, one party may feel unsatisfied. Appeals are lengthy, difficult processes that involve intricate legal documentation to be successful. Filing an appeal is a legal review that requires the creation of air-tight legal briefs that meet court requirements and obtain a favorable outcome.

In our years of representing clients in civil cases, we’ve learned how and guide and support our clients through a variety of civil cases to ensure their expectations are realistic while they receive the support and compensation they deserve. If you believe you need legal counsel for any of the situations described above, reach out. We’re on your side and provide you with expert advice and representation.

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