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February 16, 2021

What You Need to Know about Child Support in New Jersey

Practice Area: Family Law | Tag: Child Custody,Child Support

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When you’re going through a divorce, often child support is high on your list of considerations and concerns. You’re not alone in this. Divorce is certainly a grieving process, but it’s also a business transaction that requires an understanding of the New Jersey child custody support guidelines and the many factors that go into child support calculations. Let us help you understand just what you need to know about child support in New Jersey.

  1. There are clear guidelines for child support.
    Just like every state, New Jersey has specific rules and guidelines that a judge or mediator will follow when determining child support. Understanding these laws is critical for a successful determination. We can help you get a grasp on the NJ guild support guidelines and even help gauge whether you are the custodial (payee) or non-custodial parent (payor) and your specific responsibilities.
  2. Your income and expenditures are considered.
    Before child support can be decided, a detailed review of all accounts, costs, child payments, income, earning ability, childcare costs, and more. Gathering this information is one important way to ensure your child support payment or what you will receive is fair and will cover necessary costs. Everything from school payments, medical care, and even sports fees can be important in making a child support determination.
  3. The guidelines don’t include everything.
    Despite the law’s best effort, child support payments don’t always include everything. From planning for college to tutoring needs to unforeseen events like accidents or loss of a job, it’s important to obtain legal advice as things change to ensure you get the best determination and the finances you need to cover protecting and caring for your family.
  4. Child support doesn’t have to be decided in court.
    When you choose to go to court, you put your case in the hands of a judge to determine child support and custody. However, this doesn’t have to be the case! We often perform third-party mediation and arbitration that helps our clients to avoid costly, drawn-out litigation. At Heymann & Fletcher, Esqs, Stephen K. Fletcher, Esq. has wide-ranging experience with both mediation and arbitration of family law disputes.  He is frequently court-appointed to mediate these cases and is highly sought after in private practice by other family law practitioners given his high success rate with resolving family law matters.

We understand how draining divorce can be on your emotions and finances. Let us help you find peace of mind while we support you through your child custody and support determination. We combine our years of experience, our legal expertise, and an honest approach in supporting and guiding our clients each step of the way.