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August 03, 2020

5 Things a Family Lawyer Can Do for You

Practice Area: Family Law | Tag: Legal Advice

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“Can I call my lawyer?” is a typical line on all of our favorite television dramas. But most Americans don’t retain a lawyer and may not even know when it is best to seek legal advice. Lawyers are essential for more than just a great defense or divorce. We are here to support and uphold your interests in many areas of life. Read on to learn five reasons you may need to contact a family lawyer.

  1. Secure Your Estate. Death is never an easy subject to discuss, which is why many Americans don’t have a will or estate plan. But ensuring your assets are safe and end up in the hands of those you wish to have them means you need a solid will. Estate planning is about more than just a document; it is an ongoing process that needs updating as life shifts and your assets change. An experienced family lawyer can craft an estate plan and will in accordance with state laws that will help you secure what matters most.
  2. Prepare for Marriage. Marriage is an exciting event that goes beyond just a ceremony and celebration. From prenuptial agreements to navigating name changes, a family lawyer can support you as you take this leap into life partnership. 
  3. Grow Your Family Through Adoption. Choosing to adopt is a joyous and exciting event for a family. But adoption comes with stringent legal processes, mountains of paperwork, and many hoops to jump through to obtain final legal custody of your child. A family lawyer can guide you from the paperwork to the courtroom, eliminating delays and securing your child’s future within your family. 
  4. Changes in Custody and Visitation. Shared custody is an ever-evolving situation. As your children age and changes in your life arise, adjusting your custody and parenting schedule may become essential. To ensure fairness, legal accuracy, and an agreement that is in your best interest, you should consult with a family lawyer when seeking to make changes to a child custody agreement.
  5. Appealing a Decision. When court decisions are unfavorable, you have an opportunity to appeal to a higher court for an adjustment. However, this is a complex legal review, not a retrial, and requires analysis and accuracy. It is critical to have experienced representation to secure a positive outcome.

Hiring a family lawyer is about more than just obtaining a favorable outcome. When making complex life decisions, you deserve someone on your side who can provide strong legal advice and service. We are here to support and advise our clients each step of the way, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your decisions.