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June 29, 2021

Why Divorce Mediation Might Be the Better Option

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Often when people think of divorce or child custody cases, they think of a courtroom and a lengthy court battle and custody process. But that is not your only option for settling a dispute. If you’re getting a divorce, mediation is often a gentler, less expensive, and simply an easier alternative to going to court. Learn more about why mediation just might be a better option for you. 

What is Mediation? 

Mediation is an interactive process that resolves a conflict between disputing parties using an impartial third party. Both parties involved must agree to the terms and settlement. In other words, mediation seeks a resolution that has the best interests of both parties. 

Why Choose Divorce Mediation? 

Divorce mediation allows families to resolve matters in private with open communication that will set the foundation for future communication. The process of resolving a case takes significantly less time and money in comparison to traditional court cases. Ultimately families choose mediation because it is a more cost-effective and efficient alternative that respects their privacy. 

  1. Cost-Effective 
    Legal fees tend to add up quickly when going through a divorce or custody battle. Rather than spending money on unnecessary legal costs, both parties attend sessions with a mediator. These sessions use time wisely to gather the necessary information to resolve matters in a reasonable amount of time. While there are still fees involved, they are often significantly less than those in court-attested divorce proceedings. 
  2. Efficiency
    One great benefit to mediation is its efficiency. Scheduling becomes much easier when you do not have to work around court dates and judge availability. Both parties have the freedom to schedule their sessions when it is convenient for them. Without the need for discovery and pre-trial preparation, your case will take much less time to resolve. Mediation is voluntary and continues for only as long as you, your spouse, and the mediator decide. 
  3. Privacy
    With mediated divorces, all sessions are conducted confidentially and in private. Both parties are allowed to share their side of the story as they work towards reaching an agreement that is mutually beneficial. Handling matters in private eliminates having to share intimate details in court yet still gives you the ability to voice your concerns, needs, and goals. 

If you are thinking of choosing mediation for your divorce or child custody case, we are here to help. At Heymann & Fletcher, we will seamlessly guide you through the mediation process and settle your dispute so you can move forward with a positive outcome. Stephen K. Fletcher has wide-ranging experience with both Mediation and Arbitration of Family Law disputes and has always put the needs of his clients and their families at the forefront. His practical and honest approach to divorce mediation has helped hundreds of clients reach a mutually beneficial outcome.